Live without fear


Christmas Tide (9th January, 2019)

First Reading: 1 Jn 4:11-18
Gospel: Mk 6:45-52

After the miracle of multiplying the bread and fish and satisfying the five thousand men gathered, Jesus went to Bethsaida and sent the crowd back. In the solitude, Jesus started to pray.

After the prayer as he was returning, the boats were away and seeing that rowers were tired, Jesus started to walk on top the water in the lake and passed by the people. People could not recognise him and cried out in fear thinking that it was a ghost. Jesus came close to them and told to have courage and that it is Jesus, who is with them. The people did not know how to respond and didn’t realise what was happening because their minds were closed.

Fear will overcome all the other emotions, you and me face similar situation today when we are caught in fear, all the other feelings and emotions become so insignificant.

In the first reading of John, the focus point is the love of God. We should love one another, since God has loved us so much. This will enable us to have God living in us and we living in HIM.

This approach will help us to face the judgement day without fear. In love, there can’t be fear. Fear exists because we anticipate punishment. In true love there is no punishment. If anyone is afraid, he/she is imperfect in love.

FEAR is often expanded as False Evidence Appearing Real.  Once we understand this teaching of Jesus in our lives, we will be able to open our hearts, fill it with love, be bold and live as true Christians. Amen.

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