Do we have a call to fish?


1st Week of Ordinary Time (14th January, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 1:1-6
Gospel: Mk 1:14-20

In the first reading, St. Paul says that God has spoken through the prophets to our ancestors and at the end God sent his only son to us with all the Glory of God to rescue us from the sins as a Ransom. Jesus is back in heaven next to God the father, above all the angels who glorify Jesus.

While in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus returns to Galilee after the arrest of John the Baptist. There, Jesus declares that the kingdom of God is at hand, to believe in the good news and asking the people to repent for their sins.

Then he walks on the shores of the sea of Galilee, finds Peter, Andrew, James and John mending their fishing nets. Jesus asks them to follow him and says that they will be made fishers of men.

Immediately they leave everything and follow Jesus.

In Acts 2 :41 – “They accepted what he said and were baptised. That very day about three thousand were added to their number.”

It is about what Peter spoke to the crowd. In one speech, Peter was able to convert 3000 to Christianity.

In those times, there were no mics or audio systems to address 3000 people in one go. Then it had to be the work of God for sure.

Taking this as a lesson, we too have a similar call from the Lord to Evangelise the people who do not know Jesus.

In our parishes we can see members of many prayer groups especially CFC (Couples for Christ) inviting people who are “Sunday Catholics” to join their mission to be closer to the Lord.

The passion with which they invite is something which others can observe and follow.

Let us not leave any opportunity that comes in our way to teach or learn about Christ. Perhaps we can seek to do it for the glory of our Lord.

Another way could be our life itself, which should reflect that we are Christians by our love.

May God be praised. Amen.

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Hi! Guys! I am John Thomas, married with 2 children. One daughter with us and one with the Lord. A catholic who started as an obligatory Mass goer. At present, I am a Lector in St. Mary’s Church, Dubai and also an active member towards Family Apostolate. Apart from this, I am also part of the C.F.C (Couples for Christ) as a S.O.L.D member. At present, I am passionate about learning Bible.

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