We can become angels


1st Week of Ordinary Time (18th January, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 4:1-5, 11
Gospel: Mk 2:1-12

In today’s Gospel of Mark, when Jesus returned to Capernaum, his fame had spread across. Around the house where he was, as huge crowd gathered. There was a paralytic man who wanted to meet Jesus to be healed. He could not enter the house. So, four people took him in a stretcher, due to the crowd, they lowered him through the roof; to be healed. Seeing this, moved Jesus by the depth of faith they had in HIM. Jesus immediately declared ” your sins are forgiven, take up your stretcher and walk ” but the scribes were upset with this. How can Jesus say what only God can say? Is it not a blasphemy? Knowing what they were thinking, Jesus asks “which is easier to say -your sins are forgiven or to say take your stretcher and walk.

When Jesus commanded, the paralytic was able to leave his stretcher and walk. People where amazed and they said, we have not seen anything like this before.

We have quite a few takeaways today:

  1. The paralytic and the four who helped, were so confident about the healing. They never doubted on the amazing power of Jesus.
  2. We need the help of our fellow beings for our well being and good health. The unknown people and circumstances will come as angels and blessings from God
  3. The perseverance has to be there. We should not be put off seeing the crowd. Over come the obstacles and be an advocate of determination.
  4. We need to be creative when the situation demands. Shouldn’t be like horses with blinkers. Think out of the box, bring a person down through the roof, if required.
  5. As strangers we get a lot of opportunities to help others. We become God sent angels for others. The four who were holding the paralytic were real angels

Lord help us to help others and be unknown angels in the life of others. Amen.

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