Can we become the best doctor for the sick


1st Week of Ordinary Time (19th January, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 4:12-16
Gospel: Mk 2:13-17

As Jesus was walking and teaching by the side of the lake, he found Levi, son of Alpheus. immediately Jesus identified him and asked to follow HIM and Levi just followed Jesus.

 Then Jesus was seen among tax collectors and sinners so everyone complained “why is he sitting with tax collectors and sinners’ collectors and sinners? “Jesus had only one only one answers. “I have not come to this world to save the Virtuous but the sinners.”

Today’s reading has got two different dimensions of Jesus.

One, he is able to identify whom he should make as a follower and that follower understands the master.

And second is that Jesus is not looking out for a good reputation. Jesus is wanting to save us sinners from this world. He is open to sinners and converts them to righteous.

Yes, it is the sick, who require a doctor and not the Virtuous.

Jesus was fully aware what he had to go through in order to save us.

He had to undergo a lot of tribulation insult, pain and ultimately to give away as a ransom as his life itself. Let us try and discover the greatness of Jesus in these two scenarios and try to copy them in our lives. Amen.

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