Mother Mary will intercede for us too


2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (20th January, 2019)

First Reading: Is 62:1-5
Second Reading: 1 Cor 12:4-11
Gospel: Jn 2:1-12

In the second reading today from the latter of St Paul to Galatians, we see the variety of gifts given to different people by the holy spirit. This is from the same God but for good purposes of unique nature. They are:

Gift of preaching with wisdom 
Gift of preaching instruction 
Gift of faith
Gift of healing
Power of Miracle
Power of prophecy
Gift of recognising spirits
Gift of tongues
Gift to interpret the tongues

In the Gospel of John, we see the first miracle of Jesus. Which is the turning of water to wine. When the wine gets over at a wedding function at Cana, people asked mother Mary for help and Jesus does it even though his time had not come. The first miracle of Jesus and the first request or intercession from mother Mary, which is recorded.

This still continues… Jesus does his miracles directly or through some of us as said by Paul in today’s first reading.

This is happening without a pause…while our mother keeps recommending for our needs as our caring and loving Mama Mary.

This is happening in our day to day life as well. During our childhood days, whenever we want to get something or a favour from our father, we often approach our mother who would listen, evaluate and recommend to the father.

Times have changed but the process remains the same.

Let’s continue to ask mother Mary for her intercession; she will certainly recommend and God will bless us to receive, if it is deserving. Amen.

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