We will not be rigid on rituals


2nd Week of Ordinary Time (22nd January, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 6:10-20
Gospel: Mk 2:23-28

On a Sabbath day when Jesus and his disciples were walking along a cornfield, some of the disciples of Jesus were plucking the corns. On seeing this, the Pharisees said ” they are plucking the corns on a Sabbath day.” Jesus heard this and his response was with respect to the old Testament in which David took the bread which was being offered and gave it to his people when they were really hungry and there was no other option even though this bread was meant to be eaten only by the priests. and Jesus makes the statement that Sabbath was made for man and not man made for Sabbath.

Sabbath is the seventh day where we are not supposed to do any work except that we should spent that time for God. This is the day when God took rest while the creation of the universe happened.

Here Jesus is challenging us that we are men and we should not be so rigid in observing rituals rather than acting by the wisdom that God himself has provided us with.

I still remember in a morning when I was going for the holy mass and was reaching the car parking. There was someone, who wanted help to start his car using a jumper wire. He needed my help. I apologised and proceeded saying that I have to go to the church and am in a hurry. I didn’t have a fulfilling mass that day. Every moment was haunting me. I never felt like a Christian that day.

On another foggy day, near to my parking I saw a taxi driver who skid and with a loud noise, the car was upside down and the driver was in. I was lucky to help that Muslim brother to come out  of the broken window. Found that he was palpitating, I held him on to me, gave the water I had. Informed the police and left the scene once his colleagues arrived.

That day, I was late for the holy mass by about five minutes. That mass was so fulfilling to me.

In the first instance I was made for Sabbath and in second, I realised that Sabbath was made for me.

May the Lord bless us with opportunities to help others, who are in need and will prove that we are Christians by our love.

The joy we receive out of it is immeasurable. Amen.

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