Jesus is the son of God


2nd Week of Ordinary Time (24th January, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 7:25 – 8:6 
Gospel: Mk 3:7-12

Jesus withdrew from the crowd and was walking along the Lakeside with his disciples.

Crowds from Galilee and neighbouring towns gathered around him. To avoid a chaos, HE requested his disciples to fetch a boat so that he can move out of that place.

People from near and far had gathered around him because they knew that many were healed by him so who ever wanted to be healed came close to him to touch him.

Whoever was processed with unclean spirits also were healed and those who were processed with the unclean Spirits, as the spirits left, shouted out “you are the Son of God” Jesus warned them not to reveal him.

We know that Jesus was a man and God. When HE was tired, he wanted a break, as a man. As God, he was healing the sick and working miracles tirelessly. At the end, it is the Godly qualities that is predominant in Jesus otherwise he could have easily slipped away, ignoring the crowd.

Towards the end of the Gospel, Jesus warns the evil spirits not disclose who HE is. This perhaps to ensure that HIS mission to this world has to get completed as per the will of God so that man kind is saved.

The testimony given by the falling evil spirits about Jesus is:

“You are the Son of God.”

When known people confront, this happens. Really!! one calls out about the other which will be real.

During our school days, quarrels were frequent. During the fight, we can hear words of the faults of the other in anger, but it will be true as per the one who swares.

This is similar to what the evil spirits said “you are the Son of God.”

This son of God is with us all the time. Let’s feel HIS presence and be healed. Amen.

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