Let’s be empathetic


2nd Week of Ordinary Time (26th January, 2019)

First Reading: 2 Tim 1:1-8
Gospel: Mk 3:20-21

In the Gospel of Mark today, it’s just 2 verses, but sharing us a very difficult situation. Here Jesus is so crowded by the people because of the healing and miracles he performed and His disciples, tired. While many in his family thought that he has gone crazy.

The intensity of the ministry of Jesus is brought out by the situation that he and his disciples could not even eat. The crowds were claiming Jesus’ attention as though they owned him. They expected him to be there for them all of the time.

The family of Jesus are aware of what is happening and have concluded that things have gone too far. He needs to be corrected, protected from himself as well as from the people. He is out of his mind, he is crazy!

Besides, traditional societies have placed a high priority on family honor. Jesus is threatening to bring dishonor to his family if he continues to act in such a foolish way. And what of these controversies he gets in with the Jewish religious leaders? Jesus’ family will have to face the consequences.

This is quite normal to think that way about an abnormal person in the families’ perspective. As of Now we know why all these had happened.

Often times we realise that those whom we called crazy or ideas which we thought as absurd have turned out to be wise and realistic. Let’s be empathetic to one another

This leads us to one of the teachings of our lord “Thou shall not judge”(Matthew 7 :1). Amen.

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