We acknowledge your powers, O Lord!


3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (27th January, 2019)

First Reading: Neh 8:2-6, 8-10 
Second Reading:1 Cor 12:12-30
Gospel: Lk 1:1-4; 4:14-21

Today’s Gospel of Luke, it starts with how and why Luke decided to write the Gospel and here he affirms that this will bring to us the actual account of the things that happened and seen by the eye witnesses and the ministers of the word.

Luke continues that Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit he returned to Galilee and he taught in the synagogue. People.

Praised his teaching.

On one Sabbath day Jesus is in Nazareth and he is in a synagogue. He is given the scroll to read; what he reads is a Prophecy from prophet Isaiah.

Jesus reads that the spirit is upon him and that he would bring good news to the poor, captives will be liberated and sight to the blind.

Jesus rolls up the scroll gives it back to the attendants. And all the eyes were on Jesus. Then Jesus declared to the people in the synagogue, “Today these prophetic words come true even as you listen.”

This should be the work of the holy spirit.

Even today, we fail to understand the depth of what Jesus spoke. We continue to be spiritually poor because we do not receive the Good news properly neither accept it well nor implement it.

We are still captives of wrong doings, gossips, pride, pornography, lust. and so on. Jesus promises liberation. Some of us are not willing to accept it.

One way or the other, we are blind, Jesus is willing to give us sight. Do we accept it with gratitude?

Let’s reflect on these thoughts and lead a life what Jesus read out today. Amen.

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