Do the will of God


3rd Week of Ordinary Time (29th January, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 10:1-10
Gospel: Mk 3:31-35

In today’s Gospel of Mark, we find a response worth a second thought from Jesus.

When Jesus mother and his brothers came, they stood outside but the crowd surrounding Jesus told him that his mother and brothers are asking for him. Jesus replies, “who are my mother and my brothers?” while sitting he said “my mother and brothers are here; whoever is doing the will of God is my brother sister and my mother to me.

A coin has two sides.

Jesus is man and Lord. It is not out of disrespect that Jesus said so, it is just a passive reminder about his mission he is in. Fair to say that it was the ‘Lord side’ of Jesus who spoke then.

We will recall, during the passion, Jesus entrusting mother Mary to his disciple (Jn 19:27) and saying, “she is your mother”. This was the ‘human side’ of Jesus.

In today’s context, Jesus wanted to clearly state that in the kingdom of God whoever obeys the commandments, deserve to be close to God.

In a deeper perspective what Jesus says is in accordance with the first commandment. When our love of God paramount everything else, then his ways are our ways and whoever traverses in that path deserves to be HIS mother sister and brother.

Let’s ponder and pray that we will be close to Jesus by travelling the path that he has shown us. Amen.

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