Lord, bless us to have the gift of discernment


3rd Week of Ordinary Time (28th January, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 9:15, 24-28
Gospel: Mk 3:22-30

The Gospel today describes again victimising Jesus by saying beelzebul is in HIM. Jesus is able to cast out devils because the Prince of devils is in him.

Jesus answers that, how can a devil cast out another devil. A kingdom fighting against the same kingdom will destroy it.

A household cannot be against itself. Similarly, how can Satan fight against another Satan. That will be it’s end.

It’s not possible for a burglar to enter a strong man’s house, unless the strongman is tied up.

Then Jesus reveals one of the very important insight. That is to say that all the sins and blasphemies will be forgiven, but the blasphemy against holy spirit will never be forgiven.

Jesus had to say this because the scribes were saying that Jesus was processed with the evil spirit when he was filled with the holy spirit.

When there is an allegation about Jesus, that he is processed with the evil spirit, HE did not get upset or angry; he explained it by a simple logic which is another lesson for us. If in our house, there is a conflict or a fight, our family cannot stand, rather collapse.

As Jesus takes the case of a strongman being tied up by the burglar to enter his house, Jesus is hinting that if the evil one has to attack Jesus, he has to be labelled through the scribes, as an evil one and suppress him. Jesus is able to identify the reasons behind the allegation.

Lastly, it’s a warning to all of us. All sins will be forgiven but a blasphemy against the holy spirit will not be forgiven.

Let’s pray to the Lord that we be blessed with the discernment so that we never ever blaspheme the holy spirit. Amen.

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