Be a source of light


3rd Week of Ordinary Time (31st January, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 10:19-25
Gospel: Mk 4:21-25

In the Gospel of Mark today Jesus is saying to disciples when there is a light, it is not put under a basket or a bed, it is put on a lamp stand whenever it is hidden and kept secret it will not have any use to others. Let those who have ears to hear let them here and he also said to them ‘pay attention to what you are hearing, in the measure of what you give, you will receive and will be given multifold but whoever is not producing, whatever that is given will be taken away.’

Lord Jesus is making it clear that the word of God is the light that is being given to us. We need to spread it to others wisely.

A lamp is not meant to be hidden. It has to give light to the world around.

Jesus yet again underlines the fact that once we share with others, more and more people will be enlightened because of you. And in case if we do not share and show the light to others as well, what has been given to us will be taken back.

Today, we celebrate the feast if St. John Bosco. Popularly known as Don Bosco.

Who developed teaching methods based of love than punishment?

A priest from Italy who lived in the 19th century. He dedicated his life to the street children. A light for the streets.

While not hiding the light that has already been give to us,

Lord, bless us to be a light for the less fortunate. Amen.

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