Our faith is Strong


4th Week of Ordinary Time (5th February, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 12:1-4 
Gospel: Mk 5:21-43

Jairus a synagogue official, came out of the crowd and fell at the feet of Jesus and pleaded that his daughter is seriously ill and if Jesus can come home and touch her, she will be healed.

Without any delay Jesus agreed and proceeded to Jarious’ s home.

Huge crowd followed HIM. On the way there was a lady who was suffering from hemorrhages for long years. None of the doctors could cure her.

With a firm faith she touched the cloak of Jesus, instantaneously healing energy moved to her and she was miraculously healed. None other but Jesus could sense what happened. Impressed by her faith, Jesus blessed her and proceeded.

Then the crowd got the news that the daughter of Jarious is dead. Disciples of Jesus did not want Jesus to proceed. Sensing this Jesus said ” who said she is dead? She is asleep.”

Jesus reached home lifted her and commanded “Little girl, I tell you to get up” she was awake. A moment of giving life to the dead.

Jesus instructed the crowd not tell this to any one.

We see two miracles today, one of healing and one of giving life to the dead.

Jesus requested only one thing to the people – Have Faith- both Jairus and the lady had deep faith and knew that if Jesus could touch, healing will happen. The lady went a step further, if the cloak of Jesus can be touched, healing will happen.

St. Paul clearly states that the holy spirit can give us the gift if healing. We just need to have a strong faith.

The power is given, the healer is alive, if the healing does not happen, then it is only our lack of faith.

Let’s pray that there is more of healing happening to us through unshaken faith. Amen.

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