Our lives a testimony of God’s Glory


4th Week of Ordinary Time (4th February, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 11:32-40
Gospel: Mk 5:1-20

Today’s Gospel from Mark is about a man who was possessed by the evil spirit and was spending time in the tombs.

Due to his Evil doings he was chained, but he had immense strength to break open those chains and be free and be a nuisance to all.

One day he saw Jesus coming from far and he ran to Jesus, fell at his feet and in a loud voice asked ” what do you want with me Jesus, son of the most high God, for God’s sake I beg you ,do not torment me.”

He did this because Jesus had asked the evil spirit to come out of that man.

Legion, the evil spirit was allowed to come out of the man and enter into a herd of pigs and they went into the sea.

soon after, the man was freed from the evil spirits and became normal.

People got afraid of this act of Jesus.

However, the man who got released from the evil spirit went around preaching with his testimony.

Legion, the evil spirit falls at the feet of Jesus.

Surrender is the last thing that that an enemy would do to escape. This is yet another clear proof that Jesus is the Lord for this universe, none other.

Strangely, seeing this, the common man gets worried and wants to keep away from all these; Anything other than what is seen every day, disturbs people, even when it is for their own good.

Lastly, when we receive a blessing, may be something that we were praying for or making us clean by the forgiving our sins or when we receive a divine helping hand when we are in deep trouble, do we go back and thank the Lord for HIS blessings?

Let’s be like the man who when freed from the evil spirit, went around preaching about his experiences and giving Glory to the HOLY ONE. Amen.

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