Legacy? That we will leave behind


4th Week of Ordinary Time (8th February, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 13:1-8
Gospel: Mk 6:14-29

When king Herod heard about the miracles of Jesus, there were many versions from the people.

One was that he is Elijah, for some it was one of the prophets and for some HE was John the Baptist who rose from the dead whom Harod had beheaded and Harod believed it.

John had pointed out that it was against the law that Harod married his brother’s wife, Herodias. She became furious and was waiting for an opportunity take revenge on John.

On one birthday celebration of Harod, the daughter of Herodias performed a dance in the palace in front of the distinguished people. Being greatly impressed, Harod promised anything she wanted. Prompted by her mother, she asked for the Head of John, who was already imprisoned.

Though with reluctance, to honour his promise, Harod got the head of John in a plater.

When the disciples of john heard this, they came, collected the body and buried in a tomb.

It is very difficult for us to accept what happened to john. He did not do any harm, he just said a fact which he noticed. But Herodias was furious, that fury is the outcome of self-hatred.

If we take the case of any dictators like Hitler or Idi-amin, they had done some of their most inhuman acts in world history.

What is the legacy that they left behind?

So also, is Herodias. What the daughter of Herodias would have in her memories when she grows older.

The point here is that what do we leave behind? A positive legacy or a memory that we will be remembered in shame and pity. Now is the time to reflect and change if needed. Amen.

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