He will guide


5th Sunday of Ordinary Time (10th February, 2019)

First Reading: Is 6:1-8
Second Reading: 1 Cor 15:1-11
Gospel: Lk 5:1-11

In the gospel of Luke today, people were crowding around Jesus wanting to listen, the word of God, by the Lakeside. Soon HE got into a boat, went a little distance and taught the crowds from the boat.

After Jesus had finished speaking, HE asked Simon to put the nets into the deep for a catch. Simon replied “all the night we were trying, but could not get anything, but if you say so I will ” but when they put the net into the deep, it was unbelievable; they found it difficult to bring their nets up and the nets even began to tear. The fisherman called the others and all of them had a great catch.  The boats were at the sinking point because of the weight of the fish. Seeing this Symon Peter fell at the knees and pleaded to Jesus and confessed that he is a sinner and to leave him, expressing his worthlessness.

Jesus said this to James John and Simon Peter “do not be afraid, from now on it is men you will catch”. Then they left everything behind and followed HIM.

With the blessings from God, anything is possible. Experienced fisherman was being guided by Jesus who had no idea as a human being how and where to catch fish; but the God in him knows what exactly to be done and the fisherman got convinced that it is not their knowledge or their experience that counts but the wisdom of God.

 Then something surprising happened: Simon Peter confesses that he is a sinner and to leave him. But Jesus does not leave Simon Peter. HE also gathers James and John to make them fishers of men and they are so convinced that they left everything and followed Jesus.

 It is our responsibility to take the role of John, James and Simon Peter in our own humble ways. There will be times when fishing of men becomes difficult; just lift up our problems, he will guide us. Amen.

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