Let’s heal the sick


5th Week of Ordinary Time (11th February, 2019)

First Reading: Gen 1:1-19
Gospel: Mk 6:53-56 

In the Gospel of Mark today we get to see Jesus and his disciples landing in Gennesaret and tied their boat. As soon as they stepped out the boat, people started to identify them.

knowing what he has already done people started to bring the sick on stretches from wherever they could and where ever Jesus and his disciples went, the people asked to lay down their arms on the sick to heal them. People where even begin to touch his cloak and get healed and they did get healed.

Even when Jesus was healing, HE said that even we can heal if there exist a strong faith in us.

In many a healing session while being in retreats, what I have noticed is that the healing happening in 3 stages.

  1. Repentance. The person who needs the healing goes for detailed confessions.
  2. Building a strong faith on the person to get healed.
  3. Guiding the healer to honour his promise.

Then the healing that happens is true and Devine healing.

Catholic Church value Relics of saints.

Which do have their power. Today’s reading clearly states that touching the cloak of Jesus healed people. Whoever touched with faith the cloak of Jesus was healed.

Let’s trust in Devine healing and get cured. Amen.

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