Pity comes from Love


5th Week of Ordinary Time (16th February, 2019)

First Reading: Gen 3:9-24
Gospel: Mk 8:1-10 

In the Gospel of Mark today, when Jesus found that the people who have gathered had nothing to eat, Jesus felt sorry for the crowd and told his disciples that on the way back they will collapse, if we leave them without food.

When the disciples said that they don’t have enough bread, Jesus asked them how many loves do you have? they replied as 7. Jesus blessed the bread lifted it up and asked his disciples to distribute. They had a few fishes as well. HE blessed and ask them to distribute that also.  All of them had sufficiently and had a balance of 7 baskets full. There were about 4000 people. After sending them, they got into a boat and Departed to a region called Dalmanutha.

When is it that Jesus does the multiplication of food? It is not to show his Godly powers, but instead when he feels sorry for his people when they are in need.

Jesus feeling Pity is something which we often come across in bible. When Jesus finds a sick person, he feels pity and HE heals; when Jesus finds someone affected by an evil spirit, HE feels pity and saves the person.  does this pity come from?

It is from love for his people that it comes from.  It is something unique that we find in Jesus alone. It is out of Pity again for his people, yes, that HE gave up his life itself.

As Christians we are here by motivated to show pity when we come across people who deserve it. Let’s feel pity for our brothers and sisters and share the God given resources to all. Amen.

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