Lord, your presence in our lives is the greatest sign


6th Week of Ordinary Time (18th February, 2019)

First Reading: Gen 4:1-15, 25
Gospel: Mk 8:11-13 

In the Gospel of Mark today, we see that Pharisees wanted to test Jesus demanding to show them a sign.

Jesus questions them for demanding for a sign. And HE said that no sign will be given to this generation. HE Immediately left the place and proceeded in the opposite direction.

Even after 2000 years, the trend is some what similar. Many of us seek a sign because of the many doubts arising in our minds or due to lack of faith.

In social media, we come across people looking with adoration, certain shapes of clouds similar to face of Jesus and so on.

When we attend a prayer meeting or a retreat, we long to experience a sign, may be a healing, or perhaps the gift of tongues or a message from the holy spirit.

It’s good to encounter such experiences.

But the question is that, is this so important in enhancing our faith? Or is it encountering Jesus or listening to Jesus that is important?

Let’s pray to have an intimate relation with our Lord. The rest will follow. Amen.

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Hi! Guys! I am John Thomas, married with 2 children. One daughter with us and one with the Lord. A catholic who started as an obligatory Mass goer. At present, I am a Lector in St. Mary’s Church, Dubai and also an active member towards Family Apostolate. Apart from this, I am also part of the C.F.C (Couples for Christ) as a S.O.L.D member. At present, I am passionate about learning Bible.

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