3 tents in our hearts


6th Week of Ordinary Time (23rd February, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 11:1-7
Gospel: Mk 9:2-13 

In today’s gospel we read that Jesus taking Peter, John and James to the high mountain and Jesus transfigures into dazzling white. And they could see Moses and Elijah talking to Jesus.

Then Peter expresses his happiness for being there and offers to make 3 tents for each. Then a cloud covered them and a voice was heard that this is my son the beloved, listen to him.

Jesus warned them strictly not to share it with anyone this incident until the son of man is risen from the dead.

They asked about Elijah, Jesus replied that Elijah has already come. And he was treated as was written in the scriptures.

Jesus invites Peter James and John to be witnesses to HIS transfiguration and also to establish the connect Between Moses and Elijah in heaven and Jesus on earth.

Then the voice is heard that Jesus is the son of God and God is pleased with HIM.

How fortunate are the selected disciples, who were able to witness an incident that is unique in history and proving that there is life after death?

Jesus wants this incident to be kept as a secret to accomplish his mission the way God wanted.

Jesus completed his mission and have given the baton to us to continue the race with the crucifix as a reminder for our mission to the people that we live the way Jesus wanted and read the word of God to get the energy for the race of life. Amen.

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