Precious Life


Our life is very precious. Everyday of our lives is an opportunity to love… to love the people around us.

Every situation is a challenge to love, to love our neighbour as Jesus loved. This is a challenge to be taken up by all, by every race, by every nation, by every individual. A challenge that brings hope, to nations… to everyone.

Life is precious… as Jesus showed us how precious it is. Through His Love, Salvation is there for all, without any exceptions, but only if we love. To love is to give Jesus to others.

So, the challenge for all of us is to love. To love in every situation.                       

Life is precious. Life depends on the love we give to others, the love to Salvation.

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Hi! I am George Calleja, a Christian Author, from Malta; I am married and have two children. In 2009 I obtained my MBA through the University of Leicester. During the years 1990 to 1996 I was a full time missionary with ‘The International Catholic Programme for Evangelization - ICPE’ and have evangelised in various countries, such as Russia, Ghana, Poland, Germany, and Malta amongst others. Since 1997, I am an active member of the Focolare Movement in Malta. In November 2014 I published my first Christian Book ‘Peace and Unity in our lives – Volume One’, and have already published another 15 Books. While I hope that you find spiritual growth through reading my articles, I promise to keep you always in my prayers.

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