Final Delegation


The way in which Leonardo de Vinci’s great career as an artist started is an interesting story. The old master, he was appreciated to, fell seriously ill, so he asked the young Leonardo to complete a painting that he, the teacher, had been working on. Leonardo protested, saying that it would be impossible for him to step into his teacher’s shoes. But the master insisted and convinced Leonardo to accept the job.

Leonardo took up the task as a challenge, for the sake of the master whom he loved dearly. He put in his very best and when the painting was completed there were no end of praises from all quarters. His master was so impressed by his work that he said to Leonardo in all humility, “My son, from now on there is no need for me to paint anymore.” And he handed over charge to Leonardo.

Go, then to all people everywhere and make them my disciples says Jesus in Mt 28: 19.

In what ways are we fulfilling the commission Jesus gives to his disciples at his Ascension into heaven?

Ask for the grace to be ready and willing to use all the power God gives us in order to accomplish the mission of Christ.

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