Knowing Jesus


A man who was a drunkard, recently converted to Christianity, was perfectly all right.  A pastor met him and said, “I am happy that you have converted into Christianity.  Let me check whether you have enough knowledge of Christ.  Tell me where was Jesus born?”   The man was blinking.  The pastor said, “Ok, let me ask another question, who is the mother of Jesus?”  The man was silent.

The pastor was wondering, saying, “How did you become a Christian without this basic knowledge? Ok tell me, the Lord’s prayer” The man said, “I do not know.”  The pastor was angry.  He said, “You cannot be a true Christian without knowing all these things.”

The man smiled and said, “Sir, I do not know all these things.  What I know is this:  Before knowing Christ, I was a drunkard; beating my wife and children, there was no peace in my home.  But after knowing Christ, now, I don’t drink; my wife and children are happy; there is love and peace in my family.”

Always remember that there are a lot of people, who are even scholars, with authority, who knows “about Jesus” but does not know (encountered) the person, “Jesus”. A real Christian having true Christian spirituality is one who encountered the person of Jesus like St. Paul, the Apostle.

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