Love filled Service


A 12-year-old girl was asked to write an essay about a missionary she knew. A few personages came to mind, including Mother Teresa. Then it occurred to her that she had only second-hand knowledge of these people, but did not know what they were like. The one person who was a missionary, she realised, and a good one, was her own mother.

She wrote: “My mother’s mission is to – be a house wife and a mother to me and my family. My mum has never been selfish and put herself first before her family. I have never been starved or been without her endless love.”

“Just like the famous missionaries my mother has needed a lot of courage. She could easily have gone off to parties and left me alone, but she didn’t. she made the supreme sacrifice of thinking about me before herself. I am very lucky to have a missionary mother.”

Mary stayed about 3 months with Elizabeth. – Lk 1: 56.

Ask Mary to intercede for you so that through God’s grace you may feel a greater desire and urgency to share your joy with others in service (especially to one’s family), as a preparation for being fully open to God’s coming into your heart.

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