‘We are to live like Mary’


Mary, the mother of Jesus, wept upon seeing her Son dying on the Cross. Mary, embraced that particular moment of suffering, of seeing Her Son covered in blood, dead, but knowing that the Cross would bring the Salvation to all humanity.

In her suffering, Mary, as a mother accepted the will of the Father, that of being the Mother of Jesus. In her silence, she suffered, but that suffering was ‘nothing’, knowing that Salvation was only possible through the Cross… the Cross that reaped the joy of Salvation.

Today, Mary is still with us. We are to imitate Mary in our lives, to bring that source of love, comfort and forgiveness which Mary presented to the world in a humble way, and to give it to society.

We are to present Mary, through our life, in our families, at school, at university, at our workplace, in parliament, and wherever we are and with whomever we are with. Mary is to be present in our society, by presenting Jesus as the Saviour of humanity.

As much as we are to know Jesus in a personal way, so to show us the way to Salvation, we are also to know Mary in our lives. Discovering Mary, is discovering the treasure of love. Her love was of doing the will of the Father, not only of being the Mother of Jesus… but of being the Mother of all humanity.

Today, Mary, wants us to return to Jesus. Today, Mary, is praying for humanity… for our society. Today, we are to live like Mary.

In Unity

George Calleja – Malta
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