He is peace


Many people and nations are in search of peace. Peace is searched worldwide by everyone. Peace is not easy to find and to experience it in one’s life, but it is possible for peace to be found in one’s life.

So where can peace be found? There are many ways that people try to find peace in their life, but it is not always real peace that people claim to have found and live in their life.

There is only one real Peace in life. Jesus is peace… He is peace.

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Hi! I am George Calleja, a Christian Author, from Malta; I am married and have two children. In 2009 I obtained my MBA through the University of Leicester. During the years 1990 to 1996 I was a full time missionary with ‘The International Catholic Programme for Evangelization - ICPE’ and have evangelised in various countries, such as Russia, Ghana, Poland, Germany, and Malta amongst others. Since 1997, I am an active member of the Focolare Movement in Malta. In November 2014 I published my first Christian Book ‘Peace and Unity in our lives – Volume One’, and have already published another 15 Books. While I hope that you find spiritual growth through reading my articles, I promise to keep you always in my prayers.

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