Draw your strength from His love – HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR CHRIST – video 01


Hello to you all. Welcome to these videos which I will start producing by the name of HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR CHRIST

My name is George Calleja I am a Christian Author, and I love to share the love of Christ, not only through my way of living, but also here on Social Media.

In these videos, I will be reading to you a particular writing of mine which I have already posted on my FaceBook accounts, on my websites, and on other social media sites and blogs.

So, I hope that you start to join in by watching these videos, which I hope will help you to increase your faith. And I appreciate that you share these links with your friends and relatives… so to join me in this mission, to evangelise, and share the Good News with other people.

So, today I will read to you a writing of mine called….

‘Draw your strength from His love’

In today’s world one hears a lot of people who are not at peace with their lives. For different reasons they struggle to find happiness, to be happy, to appreciate of what they have… their lives seem to be falling apart.

It is unfortunate what these people pass through and how difficult their lives could be.

These people need to know of a reality which they might have missed in their lives… an opportunity to really be a happy person, to be able to appreciate the things which one has and above all to live a life in peace.

From my experience, I describe life in four simple words… ‘To be with Jesus’. Since I have been with Jesus, that is of changing my life and following Him… my life has become different.

Like anyone else, I do face different problems in life, but the fact that I am with Jesus, I have built this personal relationship with Him, while the problems of life are overcome through His cross.

In return I experience happiness, peace and appreciate everything in life, even when facing different problems and difficulties.

The secret to be with Jesus, is that every day I draw my strength through His love.

This is achieved through prayer, listening to His Word, receiving the Eucharist, meditating upon His Word, and above all by loving my neighbour.

So, let go of all the worldly things.

Follow Him and draw your strength through His Love.



I really hope that you draw your strength from His love.

Be encouraged and always seek Him in your life.

While I will keep you always in my prayers.

God Bless you and take care.

George Calleja (Christian Author)

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Hi! I am George Calleja, a Christian Author, from Malta; I am married and have two children. In 2009 I obtained my MBA through the University of Leicester. During the years 1990 to 1996 I was a full time missionary with ‘The International Catholic Programme for Evangelization - ICPE’ and have evangelised in various countries, such as Russia, Ghana, Poland, Germany, and Malta amongst others. Since 1997, I am an active member of the Focolare Movement in Malta. In November 2014 I published my first Christian Book ‘Peace and Unity in our lives – Volume One’, and have already published another 15 Books. While I hope that you find spiritual growth through reading my articles, I promise to keep you always in my prayers.

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