30 Second Clip – No 04 – Is it difficult to forgive?


30 Second Clip – No 04 – Is it difficult to forgive? – Produced by George Calleja (Christian Author)

God Bless you.

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Hi! I am George Calleja, a Christian Author, from Malta; I am married and have two children. In 2009 I obtained my MBA through the University of Leicester. During the years 1990 to 1996 I was a full time missionary with ‘The International Catholic Programme for Evangelization - ICPE’ and have evangelised in various countries, such as Russia, Ghana, Poland, Germany, and Malta amongst others. Since 1997, I am an active member of the Focolare Movement in Malta. In November 2014 I published my first Christian Book ‘Peace and Unity in our lives – Volume One’, and have already published another 15 Books. While I hope that you find spiritual growth through reading my articles, I promise to keep you always in my prayers.

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