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I’m Jeff. I’m a catholic priest serving the Roman Catholic Church. I enjoy exploring the principles, strategies and tools that help us in creating a better world. A world where we can live happier, healthier and ultimately in love with each other.

I started this venture while doing my third-year in Bachelors of Theology way back in 2010, for the propagation of Christian Faith through online media and with the sole vision and charism of building-up a scientific and systematic Christian Resource Website which is accessible to all who is spiritually thirsty for the true understanding of the WORD OF GOD; under various christian website names.

But slowly I realized that what today we need is a happier surrounding with a personal touch. Hence I have decided to have a person oriented website where I will be sharing my thoughts, writings as well as some notes about faith, and the happenings of our time so that we can discern where life is taking us.

If you are willing to share in this vision, then write to me by filling the form below: –

Best wishes for your pathway of life! And feel free to leave a comment if you have one.
May the Peace and Love of Christ be with you all!