Penance and Mortification

Looking at history we can say that those who practiced penance were often the most selfless and self-sacrificing persons. From the prophets of the...



    Matthew 6: 1-18: Three Pious Practices

    In this section of the Sermon of the Mount (Mt 6: 1-18) Jesus instructs his disciples about their religious practices. Three pious practices are...

    Luke 13: 31-33 – Herod’s Intention to Kill Jesus

    Luke now gives a report about Herod’s (Antipas, the ruler of Galilee) murderous intentions with regard to Jesus (Lk 13: 31-33). It is exclusive...

    Luke 13: 22-30 – Admission to the Kingdom of God

    Luke begins the second part of the travel narrative with a reminder to the reader that Jesus is still on his way towards Jerusalem...

    Luke 13: 20-21 – Parable of Leaven

    Luke’s source for this parable is ‘Q’. The comparison in the parable is between the leaven and the Kingdom. A little leaven has the...


    The Minister of the Holy Eucharist

    Who can celebrate the sacrament of the Eucharist? A validly ordained priest/bishop alone can celebrate the Eucharist. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke we have...

    Sacramental Effects of Eucharist

    We can jot down some of the sacramental effects of the Holy Eucharist as follows: -             1)  Unification with...

    Matter and Form of the Eucharist

    Today the Eucharist is seen more in a personalistic way; it is an encounter between Jesus Christ and the individual in the Church, hence...

    Sacramentality of Eucharist and Church Documents

    Pope Innocent III - On the sacramental form of the Eucharist cf. Christian Faith 1502. Pope Martin V - On the realism of the Eucharist...

    Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church

    There are seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, which according to Catholic theology were instituted by Jesus and entrusted to the Church. Sacraments are...


    Jesus of History and Christ of Faith

    Inspired by the Enlightenment, Hermann Samuel Reimarus (d. 1768) a professor of Oriental languages at the university of Hamburg, had written a critical study...


    Issues Affecting Family Life – Part 2

    Single Women The emphasis on a particular form of family life by the Church means that the role of single women and the contribution that...

    Hermeneutics of Eschatological Statements

    The content of Christian hope, and before that of biblical hope, has been expressed in prayer, confessions of faith, and catechesis in bold, concrete...


    Matthew 1: 19 – Suspicion of Joseph about Mary

    Joseph probably suspected adultery on the part of Mary and was planning to divorce her. He could have accused Mary publically, subjecting her to...


    Advent Wreath: Meaning

    Advent Symbols and Customs

    Blessing of Advent Wreath






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